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Our Company supplies GAS System Certified ,Charcoal System Certified and NSF-4/ANSI -4 ( HEALTH SYTEM ) From C.S.A.

June 2019

Cooking Equipment Certifications

While exploring the inventory of cooking equipment provided by multiple suppliers you must have observed safety certifications as well to which the equipment needs to adhere to and be certified. This is to ensure that the equipment is safe to be used whether there is a need to use it over a gas, stove or other fire-related appliance. There have been years of expertise that has gone in to create these certifying organizations and the equipment providers are supposed [...]


Tandoori Masala Pan Fried Salmon is an appetizing snack to serve on a bonfire night time with friends cooked in your own tandoor by the Certified Gas, Charcoal Tandoor Commercial Suppliers. Salmon fish fillets pan friend together with a host of spices and served with a fresh cucumber salad.   Ingredients 6 garlic clove (minced) 10 gms ginger (minced) 2 gms floor coriander 2 gms ground cumin 3-tsp turmeric Mustard oil/ Canola oil 1 (2 1/2-three-lb.) boneless, skin-on salmon filet Kosher salt, to taste 1 tbsp. White vinegar 1 tbsp. Kashmiri [...]

May 2019

Stamp of Approval from Authorised Agency:

CSA Group Getting products approved from CSA Group North America is a sign of confidence and quality that is needed to project your superior products in a fast-moving and increasingly global marketplace. CSA marks are widely accepted by many government and code officials, regulatory and regulation bodies, leading retailers, and educated customers. The CSA mark demonstrates that a product has been rigorously tested to applicable standards. These include standards written or administered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters [...]

March 2019

Buy Lowest Price Certified Tandoor Oven and Savor Your Taste Buds with Tandoor Cooked Dishes

Tandoor is the ever first inherited oven used from ancient times till now to create few classic and traditional dishes. Tandoor refers to varieties of the oven which is widely used for cooking and baking. This type of oven does not utilize electric power like the modern ones, rather use fossil fuel and wood fire to produce the heat required for cooking. The tandoori dishes that we eat should have freshly been prepared using these big and not so [...]

January 2019

Tandoori Kitchen:

Unique Barbeque Styles – The Tandoor! Nowadays people are using the microwaves and electric ovens, but in the past, people used to cook food over fires on earthen ovens and fire ovens. Also, nowadays people enjoy barbeque for cooking purposes devoting ample time on cooking. Also in some parts of the world tandoors are a fantasy of some people for cooking. Cheap Certified Tandoor Oven Canada is available for easy cooking. Tandoor is actually a clay cooking pot; its shape [...]

October 2018

What is cooked in tandoors?

Tandoors The word tandoor means a calendric shape oven that is made of clay or metal. In India, it is also known as Bhatti. The heat comes from burning charcoal or wood. Then the food is cooked inside the tandoor, the temperature inside the tandoor can reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. The food cooked inside is nutritious, yummy and a bit smoky. As food is cooked inside a Tandoor, the juice of the food dipped down on ashes that [...]

July 2018

What is Tandoor? Where did Tandoor originate?

Usually, when we enter an Indian Restaurant we often see the word “Tandoori” in the menu. This is not a special dish, spice, or an ingredient. But it represents the traditional way of preparing your food in. Tandoor is the English spelling for the word Tandoor, you may think about what this word stands for. Tandoor is actually a clay oven that is heated with charcoal, this is usually used for chicken, naans, and other foods. THE TRADITION TANDOORI Tandoori dishes like [...]

Quality Commitment Gas Certified Company

4 Types of Tandoor Ovens

When the word tandoori comes up, most people think about the popular Indian chicken recipe “tandoori chicken”. But, a tandoor is actually a cooking tool and method used in India and other parts of Asia to bake bread and cook dishes. The design of a tandoor is a cross between the masonry oven and earth oven, it is very similar to the traditional pizza oven. A tandoor uses fire to cook, the temperatureinside it can reach beyond 900°F.Get Fully Assembled [...]