Everything You Need To Know About Tandoors

What Is A Tandoor Oven?

A tandoor is a cylindrical clay or metal oven that is used in baking and cooking traditional foods in a number of regions in Asia which includes Western Asia, Southern Asia, and Central Asia. Tandoors are also used in baking and cooking in South Caucasus.

Tandoor cooks and bakes its food by using the heat that is generated by wood or charcoal. Its fire is burning within the tandoor itself, this means that the food is exposed directly to the fire that is generated inside it.

The temperatures inside a clay tandoor can reach up to 480 degree Celsius, which is 900 °F. This temperature is normal if the tandoor has been lit for a long time.

Why Are They Famous In Asia?

Most of the Asian dishes that are loved in Asia and around the world are usually prepared in clay tandoors. Dishes such as tandoori chicken, tandoori kebab, tandoori roti, tandoori naan (flatbread), champs, and many more are cooked in clay ovens. Although these dishes can be cooked in microwaves and gas stoves, experts and chefs prefer to cook and bake these things in tandoors as they help provide a smoky and flavorful taste.

What Are The Benefits Of Cooking In Clay Tandoors?


  1. Natural Smoky Flavor


When you cook or bake in Tandoors, the real smell of the dish remains with it and it adds a smoky flavor on it. This is because the food that you’re cooking or baking is exposed directly to the live-fire that is burning within it. Every juice that drops on the wood or charcoal in the oven will add more flavors. This makes every dish unique.


  1. Doesn’t Require A Lot Of Oil


When it comes to cooking or baking food in Certified commercial tandoor oven for sale Canada, you are not required to use a lot of oil or butter. The heat that’s generated within the tandoor is so high that it could cook any food in a natural way, which gives it more flavors.

  1. Fast Food

Thanks to the raging fire within the tandoors, your food can be cooked in minutes. Usually, it takes 20-30 minutes to properly cook or bake chicken, but when it comes to tandoors, your chicken can be cooked in half that time.

What Are The Most Famous Types Of Tandoors?

  1. Clay Tandoor Ovens
  2. Metal Tandoor Ovens
  3. Metal (Outside) Clay (Inside) Tandoor Ovens
  4. Electric Clay Ovens
  5. Iron Tandoor
  6. Certified Coal Clay Oven in Canada
  7. Charcoal Certified Tandoors



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