There are some who have extensive methods to cure the tandoor

Clay-pot ovens called Tandoor or Tandoori ovens have been used for centuries in eastern Mediterranean and central Asian regions to prepare meat recipes and special kind of leavened flat breads. Any tandoor before being put into production is cured or seasoned to get used to heat and fire. A variety of methods have been developed over the years to season the tandoors to cook the tandoori recipes to perfection. There are some who have extensive methods to cure the tandoor, some use very simple methods, while a few chefs don’t cure their tandoor. On balance, most chefs cure the tandoors.

This brings us to the question – is it required to cure a tandoor? And why should a tandoor be seasoned? 

The answer is that yes, it is necessary to season a traditional tandoori oven. The purpose of seasoning the tandoor is to have a surface that will neither allow the raw dough to fall off nor will let the finished naan to stick and eventually burn. Also while seasoning the fresh clay, objective is to increase inside temperature gradually to make sure that clay does not crack.

Exporters of Certified Tandoor in Canada,

Curing a tandoor oven 

As we discussed earlier there are several ways of curing a tandoor and each tandoor chef claims his method is superior. Some use only salted water. And some don’t cure their tandoor. Now our tandoors are fully ingredients and sixty percent cooked after processing the ingredients before final packing. Therefore, Mainra Traders Tandoors does not required any pre common ingredients use for the unit likes other companies sell it.

According to Mr. Mainra ( CEO ) of the company with great different type of method use and easiness for the people and not to wasting any time before to use the Unit. Now only three house gas/heat should be in low and three hours medium heat and four four high heat. Out Unit is ready to use for cooking the bread/naan etc.

We do not recommend the following tandoor curing process. It is waste of time and very heard to get all such items in a short time. Initially before firing a tandoor, apply 2 coats of masala/paste for curing purpose. This paste is made by using ground spinach (Palak), 250 grams of mustard oil (or any oil), 50 grams of jaggery, 5 – 6 eggs, 2 teaspoons of turmeric, and a pinch of salt. Mix this stuff thoroughly and apply it to the inner portion of the tandoor. Let this paste dry for 8 hrs.


  • If some body is using the above method, Mainra Traders does give any six month warranty for the unit.
  • Once the temperature of the tandoor is optimum, a naan stuck to the walls won’t fall off. Each component of the seasoning plays a different role.
  • Finally safe and gentle handling will always increase the life of a tandoor.

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