What is Tandoor? Where did Tandoor originate?

What is Tandoor? Where did Tandoor originate?


The word Tandoor is mentioned as a cylindrical shape oven contrived by clay or metal. In terms of shape, it is almost waist-height standing in the kitchen. In India, Tandoor is also known by the name Bhatti. Mostly, a Tandoor used to bake. In India, it’s used to bake Tandoori Roti, Chicken Tikka, Naan and many other traditional foods of India. Cheap Certified Tandoor Oven is easily available in Canada. It’s also used in Italian restaurants as well. Chiefly, it’s used in Asian countries.

An in trusting fact about Tandoor is the method of cooking. The process of dry heating cooks food cooked in Tandoor. And that heat is made of charcoal or wood fire giving it that distinctive smoky flavor. In Tandoor food is directly put on live-fire, hot air and smoke, with that food, are cooked in its natural flavor giving it that delicious and smoky taste. In terms of heat, the temperature inside the tandoor pit is almost 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Marinated meat put inside tandoor with the help of a long stick, so that it will cook smoke condition in a pit.

As we can say, that food cooked inside the Certified Coal Clay Oven in Canada pit is nutritious. The heat inside the pit making sure that it hit the food immediately. The mixture of yogurt with the natural juice of meat and the traditional spices like Garam Masala cooked in the smoke pit makes food so yummy and healthy to eat.

Most of the historian believes that Tandoor cooking was almost 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. The belief t is that food affects both our body and mind. So, it should be healthy and contain all six tastes like sour, bitter, astringent, pungent, sweet and salty. Historian also believes that the birthplace of Tandoor lies in the North-Indian part of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is supposed that the Aryan tribe migrate Tandoor. That concept says that Aryans were originally from India. In, the search of feed lands they move to mountains from there they return to India in a few centuries. That’s how they take Tandoor from Indian to Asian then back again to India.


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