Why You Should Choose Modern Tandoors For Your Home

Traditional tandoors are meant for open spaces and restaurants, and they just don’t fit right in our modern kitchens. But nothing should stop you in your cooking goals, and for you to make Smokey and juicy tandoori dishes, we bring you the best modern tandoors that are meant for your home.

Why You Should Choose Modern Tandoors?

Unlike traditional tandoors, modern tandoors are easy to use and are compact in sizes. They are durable, low cost, and can be used for multiple purposes. Another great thing about modern tandoors is that they don’t use a lot of space.

Here are some things that make Modern Tandoor stand out:
1. Easy To Maintain
2. Durable
3. Safe
4. Doesn’t Require A Lot Of Space
5. Blends Perfectly In Modern Kitchens

One thing that really makes modern tandoors stand out is that they are affordable and are more available. If you want the best Certified Commercial Tandoor Oven for Sale Canada, buy it from Mainra Traders, we are the best in Canada!

Here are 3 tandoors that you could use in your home:

1. Gas Tandoor Oven
The gas tandoor oven is somewhat similar to the traditional clay oven but is shaped like a box.
The shape of the gas oven is the same as the traditional clay oven, this allows it to have great heat circulation just like the traditional clay oven. The Gas Tandoor Oven doesn’t require fire, as the name suggests, it uses gas. You can cook any tandoori dish in the Gas Tandoor.

2. Electric Tandoors
As you may have figured it out, the Electric tandoor runs on electricity and one advantage of the electric tandoor oven is that it has shelves and skewers. The skewers could be used for tandoori dishes such as kebabs, chicken, tikka masala, and tandoori naan. The electric tandoor is also capable of baking pizzas, cake, and bread.

3. Catering Tandoors
If you love throwing out food parties, then you should go with the Catering Tandoor. You can place this one inside your kitchen or in your outdoor kitchen.
The Catering Tandoor allows you to make Smokey and flavorful tandoors at your backyard or your backyard. You can cook tandoori naans and all tandoori dishes.
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