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Mainra Traders Certified Tandoor Oven Supplier


The only Certified Tandoor Supplier in N. America!

Gas tandoor certified

Expertise and Highest Standards

For the USA

NSF/ANSI4 Certified Tandoor Oven Gas operated MAINRA TRADERS Model 33/37 size 32x32x37

Price: US $ 1900, at your door anywhere in USA.

  • Mouth 16 inches with fully Gas Assembled ready to use.
  • Only hook with gas line connection
  • Available only to the USA.

Free with purchase:

  • Gas Burner Plate
  • 18 “ Round Stainless Steel Burner Plate
  • 22 BBQ sticks and 2 naan pad Pillows
  • One Top Lid.
  • Fully fine finish
  • Stainless Steel body 304 Grade, with heavy duty wheels – easy to move oven any where you want.
  • The Indian Earth Pot inside the barrel is duly insulated with thermal insulation, mineral wool, three walls and heady proof unit.

NSF/ANSI4/CSA Gas Certified Tandoor Clay MAINRA TRADERS Size 32x32x37

Price: US $ 2200, at your door anywhere in USA.

MAINRA Traders Tandoor Clay Oven – first in the world to get three certifications:

  • CSA Natural Gas certifications,
  • ANSI.Z83.11-2016 CSA 1.8.2016CSA Sanitation (ANSI-NSF 4) and Charcoal Tandoor/Clay oven CSA sticker for Canada/USA UL Standard 2162 Ist Edition
  • UL Standard for safety for commercial wood-Fired Baking Oven.

Mainra Traders is the ONLY Manufacturer of Tandoori Oven Canada that provides ovens with installed safety valve and ready to use gas tandoor oven.

With a blazing one hundred thousand BTU, this burner is our latest and most powerful burner on the market yet!

Accessories included:

  • 18″ Round Stainless Steel Burner Plate
  • 2 Bread/Naan Pad
  • 22 Assorted BBQ Skewers, Naan Bread Pad
  • Stainless Steel Cover with handle for mouth
  • One extra Heavy Duty Thermocouple.

NSF/ANSI4 Certified Tandoor Charcoal/Clay MAINRA TRADERS Size 32x32x37

Price: US $ 2000, at your door any where in USA.

MAINRA Traders – Charcoal Tandoor Clay Oven is the first tandoori oven in the world that has received Canada/USA Commercial Wood Fired Clay Oven certifications:

  • CSA ULC Standard certifications, CLASS 6518-01, CLASS 6518-81 ULC STANDARD ULC/ord-c 2162-13 and UL 2162 IST edition.
  • UL Standard for Safety for Commerical Wood Fired clay oven.

MainraTraders is the ONLY Manufacturer of tandoori Oven Canada that develops tandoori ovens coming with Charcoal safety system. The ovens are ready to use.

Accessories included:

  • 2 Bread/Naan Pad
  • 22 Assorted BBQ Skewers
  • Naan Bread Pad
  • Stainless Steel Cover with handle for mouth.

Tandoor Oven Installation and Operation Manual

This appliance is equipped with casters; it must be installed with the casters supplied, a Connector complying with ANSI Z21.69 or CAN/CGA 1-6.9 and a quick disconnect device complying with ANSI Z21.41

IMPORTANT: The gas supply to this appliance should be equipped with an individual appliance shutoff valve that is capable of completely isolating the appliance from the main gas supply. This valve should be installed in such a manner as to be readily accessible to the operator of the appliance. The Mainra Traders Gas-fired tandoor is equipped with a 1/2 – inch NPT female gas connection located rear side of the unit.

The Burner Rating NG is rated for 100,000 Btu Natural Gas input at a 7-14″ W.C. The 3.5 in WC manifold pressure. The PURGE TIME MIN. 5 MINUTES.

It is recommended that the Tandoor’s main burner control knob (on FRONT of unit) be turned to the OFF position when attempting to light the pilot flame.

  • Turn the gas control knob on the safety valve to the PILOT position.
  • Push down on the knob and light the pilot immediately by pressing the red button of the Safety Value. Press the Red Botton of the Safety Value for one Minute until a pilot flame is established. Hold the knob down for one minute after lighting the pilot.
  • Release the gas control knob; the pilot flame should continue to burn. If the pilot flame does not remain lit, turn the gas control valve to the OFF position, wait 5 minutes, and then repeat the steps above.
  • Use the control knob on front of the tan door to control the height of the cooking flame less than medium heat for cooking the good foods and longer life of the pilot light. It should never use on full heat for longer and better life of the unit as well as the pilot light.

First time the tandoor is fired, the heating up process should be very slow and steady. Hold the burner at a very low flame for at least four hours before gradually increasing the flame less than medium heat for four hours. It is important to note that no oil or marinating material should be used before the firing up process or during the life of the Tandoor. This is what differentiates the Mainra Traders Tandoor from other Tandoors in the market is that it allows you to start using the Tandoor after 8 hours on the same day as firing it up. The method used to prepare this Tandoor allows it to have a much longer life.


Debris that falls into the tandoor will accumulate near around bottom of the burner under the unit.It should be checked periodically daily and emptied as necessary. Any accumulation of food/naan on the floor base of the unit can be removed before operating the tandoor. The stainless cabinet of the unit should be cleaned as necessary, using a mild detergent and a nonabrasive scouring pad. The mouth of the unit should not be fully covered with provided Lid of the Tandoor; instead, it should be only partially covered (less than half of the mouth) for good tasting food and long life of the Tandoor & Pilot life as Gas Tandoor need cross Ventilations air.


  • In the event that the equipment is improperly installed. Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer; proper installation procedures are prescribed by the Mainra Traders installation manual.
  • In the event the equipment is improperly maintained. Proper maintenance is the responsibility of the user; proper maintenance procedures are prescribed in the Mainra Traders installation manual.
  • In the event that the failure or malfunction of the appliance or any part thereof is caused by abnormal use or is otherwise not attributable to defect in material or manufacture.
  • In the event that the appliance, by whatever cause, has been materially altered from the condition in which it left the factory. In the event that the rating plate has been removed, altered or obliterated.
  • On parts that would be normally worn or replaced under normal conditions.
  • Six Months warranty for any manufacturing defects. If the oven is cracked like an earthquake crack, the oven will be replaced immediately. Six month gas parts replacement warranty. If anybody having some problems for the spare parts we will shipped without charges same day though UPS/Courier at your doors Indian Clay Oven Tandoor is built with a pure clay (India Pure Matte ),