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Mainra Traders Certified Tandoor Oven Supplier


The only Certified Tandoor Supplier in N. America!


International Delivery Standards System.

1-year Parts Warranty

Parts delivered at your door, next working day, free of charge! All parts also available upon request, with a 2-day delivery following payment.

Electric Tandoor & Charcoal Tandoor Certified

First Time in the World!

Unique, natural Indian flavour!
N.S.F. 4 /ANSI (Health Certified) Tandoor, certified from C.S.A. Canada!

Trust Mainra Traders!

Quality of product and service, plus certificaiton from Canadian / US authorities.
All ovens are ready to use! (cured, “pre-cooked”)

FREE With Your Purchase!

Gas burner, 18″, round Stainless Steel Plate
22 BBQ sticks and 2 naan pad pillows
1 top lid and 1 thermal couple


CSA-certified gas clay Tandoor oven, size 32x32x37. Price $2,700 with FREE shipping, door-delivery, anywhere in Canada as per International Delivery Standards System

New Product Announcement

We are the first in the world to launch an Electric Tandoor for commercial use!

Available soon.

and Suppliers

Charcoal clay oven tandoor ovens, certified from C.S.A. Canada.

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Certified Tandoor clay oven

The only Certified Tandoor Supplier in N. America!

Certified from C.S.A. Canada!

Gas System Certified, Charcoal System Certified and NSF-4/ANSI – 4 (Health System).

How to Cure a Tandoor Oven

For information on how to cure a Tandoor Oven please click on the button below.

NOTE: All Tandoor ovens sold by Mainra Traders are ALREADY cured.

About Us

Established in 1999 after forty years of worldwide experience

Mainra Traders Clay Ovens/Tandoor have been certified by CSA certified to ANSI Standard-4/ Natural Gas system and also for Charcoal System clay Oven/Tandoor. Our clay oven tandoors are certified by CSA to be used for Canada and USA.
Tandoors are available for delivery within five working days and we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Clay Ovens to the Restaurants/Hotels around the globe.

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Tandoor Cooking and Cultural Heritage

Tandoor Cooking and Cultural Heritage

Tandoor cooking – a centuries-old tradition deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of India, is a culinary practice that has become an integral part of Indian cuisine, influencing its flavors, techniques, and traditions.

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Tandoor Products

Tandoor oven
Tandoor oven

The Taste
of India

We have decided to bring
“The Taste of India”
to US & Canada.

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Browse our website, or contact us and we can help you choose the best Tandoor oven for your own needs.

Place your order

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We can deliver door to door any size of Tandoor oven as per specification within a short period of time, anywhere in the world, after confirmation of order.

Our Experience

The authentic tastes of Indian Food cooked in Tandoors (Clay Oven) manufactured in India

Bringing to Canada and the US the unique tastes of Tandoor-cooked Indian Food.

Best quality Tandoor ovens manufactured in India also approved and certified by CSA Canada for Health and Gas Fire/Charcoal system. More than 30 years of expertise in manufacturing different sizes and shapes of tandoors.

30 years of experience

Our co-manufacturer and suppliers in India have put their expertise in manufacturing different sizes and shapes of Tandoors.

Quick Turnover

Our tandoors get ready on the same day after getting kilned according to specifications

Fast Delivery

Our Tandoor ovens can be delivered next-day in Toronto and within a week out of Province and the USA.


Approved By Happy Customers All Accross N. America!

“Everyone was gathered in the park and was talking, they were exchanging ideas and information, talking about the best dishes in the home countries, and it made sense that we should build a tandoor oven, which is very common in many Middle East, Central, and South Asian cultures.”

Jazz Singh