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A tandoor, also called as Tannour, is a cylindrical metal or clay oven that is used in cooking or baking traditional Asian dishes. Mostly, Tandoors are used for cooking and baking in Western Asia, South Caucasus, Southern Asia, and Central Asia.

Generally, there are two types of Tandoor ovens: A Gas Indian Clay Oven and another type that works with charcoals, the Coal Indian Clay Oven.

The heat for a tandoor is generated by wood, gas, or charcoal, it burns within the tandoor itself, to cook or bake the dish exposed directly to the fire. This gives a smoky and flavorful taste to your dish.
Experts say that temperatures in a tandoor can go so high that they sometimes reach 480 degrees Celsius, and most tandoors remain in a fire to maintain this high temperature.

Before we start, you may be wondering why you should try tandoors?

Here are 8 benefits of tandoor cooking:
1. Wide variety Of Cuisine Can Be Cooked In It
2. No Need Of Oil
3. Smokey Meat
4. Proper Exposure To Heat
5. It Only Takes 10-15 minutes to cook kebabs, chicken, and other types of meat
6. Doesn’t need a monthly maintenance
7. Fast and efficient cooking
8. Allows you to bake traditional flatbread

When choosing the right tandoor, make sure you buy yours from a Certified Tandoor Supplier in Canada.

What Exactly Is A Tandoor Oven?

To sum things up, here is what a tandoor oven is:
1. It is a traditional cooking pot made out of clay mostly used in India, China, and Arabian Countries.
2. Traditional Tandoor ovens, also known as traditional tandoor ovens, use Charcoal or Firewood for fire.
3. Traditional dishes are baked or cooked in over 400 degrees Celsius.

How Do They Work?

In tandoors, you place the food inside an oval chamber. In traditional clay ovens, the food is cooked or baked as it gets direct exposure to the fire that is burning inside the tandoor oven. This makes the dish extremely flavorful and Smokey.

When you mix up spices, herbs, and unique flavors, their dripping juice will drop directly to the wood or charcoal that is burning inside it. This will allow the tandoor to give your dish a Smokey and very flavorful taste that no other cooking offers.

Most foods are cooked with the help of metal skewers, which kind of hangs the food in the middle of the tandoor. Everything is cooked equally as it gets exposure to proper heat.
Traditional tandoor cooking cooks the food much faster than other cooking methods as the food is exposed to live heat inside the clay oven that is over 400 degrees Celsius.
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